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Duel Deck - Knights vs. Dragons

Duel Deck - Knights vs. Dragons

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    Valor and Steel clash against Rage and Fire! The greatest knights have gathered together to once and for all end the reign of terror that has plagued their land for centuries. Holy paladins, noble cavaliers and swift skyhunters have all answered the call to hunt dragons to the death and restore order to the realm. For dragonkind the answer is simple - incinerate the invaders! Enraged goblin minions are ready to pour from the mountain crags and repel the intruders, but that is only to give the ancient hellkites time to take to the skies and unleash a firestorm that no knight can hope to survive. A world hangs in the balance. Will you enter the battle under the banner of purity and order or will you plunge the land into chaos and dragonfire?

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